Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jamie's Preschool Program

Jamie is not our showman. He hides in performances, doesn't want the spotlight, and refuses to participate whenever possible. Every year Small Wonders Preschool does a picnic/performance where all the kids sing songs for a program and we have a potluck dinner. Last year Jamie got so nervous he puked right before the show. I was thinking he'd find a way to back out this year, but he did a great job!

This short video should be titled "Mom forgot her camera so deleted every app from her phone to video but then her phone died."

Jamie Preschool Program from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

CIFSC Winter Show

December post before the end of February? Sounds about right.

CIFSC Winter Show from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Coach Elena wanted to mix the show up a little so a couple of families skated a group number. Originally our group was supposed to include Jamie who is killer on skates, but he opted out. He's not much of a showman.

And you may not be able to believe it, but the Christmas tree costumes are homemade! I know, right? They practically look professional.

Lucy's solo. I love the pictures of her jumping. She's getting better and better.

The photographer sat on the hockey bench so Jamie cozied right up to him. First draw, the hockey bench. Second draw, EQUIPMENT! I don't know what this kid will do when he grows up but it'll be something that has tools. He loves the dentist, the photographer, the zamboni, construction, the snow plow ... And cuddling teddy bears. And looking adorable.

Finally the grand finale (where I received lots of clapping for my skating debut and did not receive the memo that only youth skaters were supposed to do the ballet hands in the group shot.)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

2012 Spring Gymnastics

I'm cleaning off my computer to trade it in for a new one for the start of the year and I found this gem. She was about 6 months younger than Jamie is right now.

Gymnastics Show 2012 from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Iowa Games

Lucy competed in her first ever judged ice skating competition at the Summer Iowa Games here in Ames. She really, really wanted a medal ... and got one!
The program was the same music with a lot of the same elements from her spring show for CIFSC, but modified to fit her level at the competition, Basic 6.

Iowa Games Summer 2015 from Kristin York on Vimeo.

We were lucky to have Lucy's best friend Quinn come to watch, because what's better than sharing exciting moments with your bestie? And showing off your medal, of course.
It was a very exciting day for a very lucky girl.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Wheels

For a while now, Jamie has insisted he can ride a two-wheeler. As he's just four, I've been skeptical. His training wheels have been off his little bike since the spring, but we haven't spent a ton of time working on it because he hasn't even done a lot of pedaling on his training wheels. Because Lucy rides so quickly, I usually pull him in the bike trailer rather than running along while they both rode. I underestimated the determination of the second child.
This was our first trip around the block with Lucy in the lead in the Mario Kart (see, Mom? We do have it.) It makes me super nervous to have my kids riding on the sidewalk on our street as the cars go SO fast past our house on the road with no shoulder. I was unprepared for him to be really riding, so after teaching him to use the brakes ...
We moved down the road to a park loop that's wide and far enough away from the road that I don't feel like I have to run interference between a wobbly bicycle and zooming cars.

Can you believe this kid?
 And of course, the old pro, Lucy.

We love bike riding!

Jamie on Two Wheels from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Monday, June 22, 2015

How to Trap a Cat

Step 1 : Encourage the cat to jump in the basket. Talk about how fun the basket will be.
Step 2 : Watch the cat run away after he feels too pressured. Yell and chase the cat with the basket but just until it appears this will not get the cat in the basket OR until your Grandma tells you to stop, whichever comes first.
Step 3 : Remind the cat that the basket is indeed a desirable place to be. It will be fun. He will be happy. All encouragement should be upbeat and from a distance further than the reach of the cat's front paw.
Step 4 : Enlist the help of Grandpa. After all, the cat likes Grandpa.
Step 5 : Pose for a triumphant picture (that will remind the cat in the future of how much fun this really was).
Step 6 : Watch cat escape. Obviously this cat is a total party pooper.
Step 7 : Remember that with hockey gloves and a little imagination the basket can be a bobsled. Or a rocket. Who needs a party pooper cat anyway? Seriously, this basket is a lot of fun.
Step 8 : Remember that there are 2 cats ...

Monday, May 25, 2015


Lucy and Jamie both are enrolled in gymnastics classes, Lucy in level 2 and Jamie in tumblebugs 1. He was in the independent preschool class, tumblebugs 2, but demoted himself in about January so we could spend more time together.

Each of their classes had a spring show this year - Lucy lives for the spotlight and Jamie avoids it at all costs. He refused to attend his show, so the following video is just of him in class. He has his leotard on under the army jacket. No, it wasn't a dress-up day, but he plans to be in the US Army just like Uncle Ryan when he grows up. Also, I obviously wasn't thinking when I shot this vertically on my phone. He's got great skills and lots of energy.

Jamie at Gymnastics from Kristin York on Vimeo.

And Lucy has indeed been promoted to the pre-team level 3 class, which is really exciting for her but a much bigger commitment. She's doing great. Check out that solo back hip circle!

Lucy Gymnastics Show from Kristin York on Vimeo.